We have developed specialist knowledge and gained vast experience to propose the following services :

  • French tax services

    • Income tax returns for French residents to declare worldwide income and the application of Double Tax Agreements
    • Income tax returns for non-residents to declare French source property income
    • Real estate wealth tax returns (IFI) for both residents and non-residents
    • Assistance with tax authorities’s enquiries and demands
    • Review assessments and negociation of appeals against excessive assessments
    • Application for refund of foreign tax under Double Tax Agreements (HMRC Form France-Individual, Form 83 Switzerland,…)
    • Advice re Social Security issues (PUMA health cover, CSM, S1 …)
    • Simulations of annual French tax liability for newly arrived residents
    • Analysis of capital gains on properties and preparation of French tax returns
    • Analysis of international inheritance tax and gift duty queries and simulations of duties payable in France
    • Assistance with tax audits for individuals who previously prepared their own returns
    • Analysis of trusts of which a French resident is trustee, settlor or beneficiary and the preparation of trust returns
    • Submission of social contribution reclaims on behalf of residents and non-residents registered for healthcare in another EU country

From our experience in dealing with many clients over a number of years, the minimum fee that we charge is € 750 (VAT inclusive) to ensure that your return is complete and correct.